Offshore Containers Mexico

271 Offshore supply a large range of offshore containers and baskets to Mexico and across the world. If you are based in Mexico and are looking for an offshore container that is cost effective and require delivery within a favourable time scale.
  • high quality and innovative products
  • IN-house DESIGN TEAM
  • customized requirements, painting and decals
  • buy, rent, lease or purchase

Our offshore container products for the Mexican market are designed and manufactured in accordance with current DNV 2.7-1 standards. The high quality and innovative products are designed by our team of in-house engineers who are constantly adding advanced features to improve health, safety and efficiency.

We can offer customized painting and decals on all our container products to reflect our customers brand image. As manufacturers, we can, within DNV regulations, provide any of our products to you with bespoke requirements.

271 Offshore offers our customers in Mexico a wide range of options to buy, rent, or lease/purchase our fleet of container products. If you would like to know more about any of our Mexican based offshore containers, please get in touch using the enquiry panel on this page and your enquiry will be sent to the relevant member of our team.

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