February 27, 2018

Container Rental

Mud cutting skips

Our mud/drilling skips are the perfect solution for transporting waste from drilling operations safely and efficiently to treatment or disposal sites.

subsea baskets

Used to assist ROV operations and particularly useful during decommissioning projects.  Our designs are DNV 2.7-3 certified, are stack-able and have removable grab rails.  The gratings we use are lightweight and non-corrosive. 

Mini containers

Our standard sealed option which can be used to transport small goods and equipment.  These are often used to safely transport chemicals.  They can have fixed or removable shelving in the middle to increase load options.

open top

Used for the transportation of equipment, they can be supplemented by cargo nets to improve the security and stability of the products within.  They also have internal tie down points, are stack-able, have adequate drainage and (as with all our products) are available for short or long term hire, purchase or lease purchase.

Dry containers

The standard 20 ft container can be fitted out for a number of uses or simply used for transportation and storage.

half heights

For non perishables, steel fittings, pipe, plastic. Easier to ship and less volume.

offshore tanks

Our tanks and frames can be used to facilitate differing products and capacities.  They can be used for horizontal or vertical tanks, compact tanks and lined tanks used with acidic or corrosive products. They offer access to vent valves, are stack-able and have a three closure system as standard.  Options exist for vents, level gauges and outlet valves.

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